09 August 2011

Honeymoon, day 2

Day 2. We went to Fort Mackinac in the morning, and must have rented bikes in the afternoon so we could go see Arch Rock.

The harbor, in the morning. Later in the day it was sunny.

Crows Nest trail, through the woods behind Fort Mackinac.
A tenacious tree.

The harbor, as seen from one of the peep-holes in the fort wall. No British flags ... so we're all good.
The view from Arch Rock.

08 August 2011

Honeymoon, day 1

Since I never posted photos of our spectacular honeymoon on Mackinac Island last year, I'm going to use our anniversary as an excuse to sift through them again.

Day 1
Rob mails the marriage certificate -- signed, sealed, and soon-to-be-delivered.

Leaving the mainland, and wedding stress, behind.

Ahead of us were four days at this resort on the Island.

Four rockin' rocks. Everywhere we went, people had left rock arrangements to ponder.

07 August 2011

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today...

(Photos by Beca Essing -- who we would both hire again in a heartbeat!)

05 August 2011

Goodbye Unemployment...

There has been cooking...
baked lotus root chips with cayenne pepper and salt

and weaving...
log cabin pattern with variegated warp

and noodling about on the guitar...
some kind of chord...

but on Monday I'm going to work for the first time in 10 weeks. I'm going to miss my days of R&R, and I highly recommend it even if you have to go kicking and screaming -- I needed a break MUCH more than I realized. But I'm relieved that I found a good job and that I will be a desk-bound business-casual heel-wearing member of society again.
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