28 June 2008

Pumpkin wants to be an outside kitty


Often when I go out to the balcony, Pumpkin seems like he would like to come with. He's started to be a bit of a door dasher too, which is worrisome because the front door opens to the outside. He really likes the carpet too! He spends a lot of time lying on his back with his back paws sticking out and his front paws flopped over onto his chest.


Anonymous said...

...did he pop out your screen?? Cuz that's how he'd get out of my house in Warren!! I had a retractable screen and he'd slide (a healthy Pumpkin slide ;) ) right under it!!

Michigoose said...

No, I only caught him sneaking out on the porch once. But he does hang around by the front door sometimes. I've heard that a good way to dissuade pets from doing that (especially if they're food-motivated like a certain big ornj guy) is to keep treats in your pocket and throw them into the room behind the cat when you open the door -- so they learn that when you open the door, food will be behind them and away from the door. I haven't had to resort to that yet.

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