21 July 2008

The evolution of drums

This weekend I dropped by the Manassas Museum. Manassas was the site of the first battle of the US Civil War. I was mostly impressed by the ratio in their collection of percussion instruments to other objects. The picture below is a drumstick found on the battlefield in Manassas after the battle. It was quite a beefy drumstick, even by modern standards.

Rhetorical question: Can drumsticks be beefy?

Old Drums

Every drumstick deserves a good drum. This is a Union Army drum.

Old Drums

This drum (with sticks) was used by the Manassas Town Band around 1915. I love the contrast between the rope and leather tensioning system from the Union Army drum and the steel lugs on the drum from 1915.

Old Drums

I would have loved to snatch that bell mounted in foreground for the Farmington Community Band to use. :)

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_ said...

Kudos on the pics so far... what settings did you use on the pics at the museum? Did you use the flash? Keep up the good work :)


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