21 August 2008

Seema and friends visit!

Last weekend Seema and her friends Sanjum and Sangeetha came to visit from Detroit. They stayed in a hotel in downtown DC so they could be close to all of the sights and sites there, and also so they could be close to all of the clubs.

Chris (the other Urban Scientist who has moved to Virginia) and I took the metro downtown Friday after work to meet them. After dinner we ladies hung around in their hotel room while they got ready to go out while the guys drove around.
Sanjum and me in the hotel  
Team V-Dub!
Seema and me, in her element

Seema and me, in my element
After visiting Great Falls and driving past all of those fancy houses and horse farms, we had dinner in Reston and took Seema and company back to the metro station so they could go back to downtown DC for more clubbing. Sunday afternoon I packed all three of them and their luggage into my little Beetle for the drive back to the Baltimore airport. It was a little crowded, but that's okay.  We had perfect weather all weekend and it was a great day for a convertible ride even if that meant Seema had to hold her suitcase on her lap.

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