14 June 2009

Those blue ones are teases.

Today I went with a photography group to the "Wings of Fancy" exhibit at the Brookside Gardens. I was amazed at how easy it was to get some pretty decent photos. The Blue Morphos posed a challenge for all of us -- we wanted to get a picture of them sitting still, instead of fluttering around.
Blue Morpho
One of the docents pointed out to me that when they are sitting still, they look completely different because they hold their wings closed and the undersides of their wings are brown. They also prefer, unlike many of the other lepidopterans present, to get their nutrients from over-ripe fruit. See the tinge of blue on one of the bugs pictured below?
Blue Morpho and Friends
A few more favorites...
Monarch on Purple Flower
(Above)Notice the contrast between red and blue on this little guy.
So velvety soft -- soft-looking, of course. We were told that if one lands on us, we were to summon an attendant to brush them off of us.

Ooooh, one more treat! Watching a monarch butterfly go from chrysalis to ready-to-fly. They can fly after about 10 minutes, I was told, although it takes about 2 hours for their wings to completely dry.

Chrysalis Chrysalis 01
Chrysalis 14 Chrysalis 16


Anonymous said...

Very cool!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. And I love that blue -- well worth the effort of getting the shot.

Margaret B. said...

Beautiful pictures!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

OMG! Just gorgeous! ICanHasWallpaper?

It's been years since I've been to Brookside Gardens... I miss it. Used to live in Aspen Hill & Aspen Hill and went regularly. No field trips since I moved back to Baltimore. *sigh*


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