31 July 2009

Michigan Wine Country

After my sister Susan and I had lunch, we headed to the Old Mission Peninsula. It separates the two halves of Grand Traverse Bay. Our first stop was at Black Star Farms for wine tasting, then we went to Chateau Grand Traverse. CGT makes a yummy Late Harvest Riesling which is my favorite wine. We had a tour there so we saw where all of the magic happens.

There are rose bushes planted at the end of every row of grapes and we couldn't figure out why. On the tour we found out -- and it makes perfect sense. Rose bushes are slightly more delicate than the grapevines, so if the rose bush at the end of a row is not very healthy, they still have a chance to save the grapevines.

Black Star Farms

After that, we went to Chateau Chantal. It is the highest point on the peninsula so the view was amazing.

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