25 September 2009

We have visitors. Tremendous visitors! (part 1)

Last weekend my eldest sister Susan (a.k.a. "1") came to visit me with her husband Mark and their son Keegan. Keegan is three years old, and understands that saying you want something is for amateurs. If you want something, say "I neeeeed it...", because who can argue with what you need?

Saturday morning we visited the Reston Zoo. It's a petting zoo in Reston, about 20 minutes from where I live. It was a great place to visit with kids. Keegan was a bit shy of all of the goats and sheep rushing to the sides of their pens, but he loved the snakes. He did eventually warm up to the baby kangaroo because he was a bit shyer. They also had adorable bunny rabbits of all sizes, who seemed to revel in piling up for photos.

Keegan and Daddy feed the Kangaroo
Bunny Pile Bunny Drink

Then we went to Great Falls National Park. As I had hoped, we saw many kayakers playing in the rapids.

Great Falls National Park Great Falls National Park
Great Falls National Park

... and it gave Keegan a chance to look cute wearing his "pack-pack".

Great Falls National Park

More to come later, where we visit the Udvar-Hazy center and the World War II Memorial.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Another OMG! I've also got a nephew named Keegan! Mind you mine is 6'2" and 25, but still!

Looks like your little Keegan had a blast!

Keeping your mom and dad in prayer!

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