25 November 2009

Callie with vanquished prey

Callie with vanquished prey

While my parents were in the hospital after their motorcycle accident in September, their cat Shadow ran away. In the last couple of weeks they have adopted two delightful new beasties from the local shelter, and I was elated to get to meet them in person this week. This one is a spritely young girl named Callie. She is full of tricks like the sideways Halloween Cat walk (which I hope to capture on video), and she is a wool sucker. My dad is clearly her favorite human.

The other lucky new family member is Julius, a brown classic tabby with white socks and a lot of black in his coloring. He has been fighting a bad respiratory infection since they got him. I took him to the vet on Monday and he is feeling better every day. I don't like being photographed when I don't feel well, so I will afford him the same courtesy for now. I hope to get a picture of his golden amber eyes and wise mien before I leave in a week!


Anonymous said...

Callie is adorable and I wish Julius the speediest of recoveries. Also, all the best to your folks on their ongoing recovery.

Catherine said...

Awww - sweet kitty! So nice of you not to take Julius' picture while he is under the weather! Hope he gets better soon.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Shadow! I'm still holding out hope that my Chester will return from his walkabout (that's what I'm terming it!) and it's been five months.

At the same time, I'm glad your parents decided to open their hearts to cats who needed a home! Callie is gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting Julius!

Healing purrs coming to your parents and Julius from B'more!

_ said...

Callie is a very cute kitty!

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