08 February 2010


People in the DC area were so afraid of the approaching storm, they called in the National Guard to shovel snow even before it got here!

Rob shoveling

Kidding -- that's just Rob doing some pre-emptive shoveling.

A generous 2 feet of snow fell at my apartment in about 36 hours of blustery weather, with only a few electrical flickers when I thought I might lose electricity. According to the National Weather Service, the total for Chantilly (where I live) was 28 inches. To me, once it gets over about a foot and a half, there's no point counting anymore unless it's up to my ears! We went outside Saturday afternoon once it quit snowing. We walked to the grocery store (yes, it was open!) and I made a snow angel. 

Leafcrest Lane
Snow Angel (corrected)

But the dig out was inevitable, because life goes on. My snow shovel grew legs and ran away after the last storm, so we were using Rob's shovel and a kitty litter bucket to clear out. Rob's shovel broke when we were almost done with his car -- not a good thing, since there aren't any shovels to be bought for miles.

While we were digging out, this Mercedes tried to make a run for it and got hung up on a little pile of snow left by the plow. It took 7 of us (including the driver) to get the car moving again because its drive wheels weren't making contact with anything solid. Where is a tractor and a good stout chain when you need one?

Stuck Mercedes
Cozy BeetleRob's car
what passes for snowplowing

Mouse over (below) to see what was under all of that snow!
Home Page

 My missing snow shovel had a wooden handle and an orange plastic blade that was worn down on the corners. Let me know if you see it!

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