06 June 2010

Better pics of the best apartment!

This is the view from our fourth floor balcony. The lighted dome is the food court at the mall next door. This is a newer area. It feels like we're closer to being in the country, but we can walk to the mall.

Mall Food Court

But on to the important part...

The view from the loft looking down at the living/dining area, and the floor view of the living room and spare room:

loft view
Living Room and Spare Room

The patio and the windows in the kitchen and master bedroom overlook the pool, about which I have mixed feelings. It's okay when no one is in it but since it's been very hot for our first two days here, it's been packed with screaming kids. And yes, the noise does carry up to the fourth floor. But it does look nice at night and in the morning.



Anonymous said...

Congrats!! That's a nice area.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Very, very nice!! Loving the loft and the views... and very happy you have a wonderful place to now call your own, together!

gainesville apartment rental said...

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