25 December 2010

Our first Christmas

It started with Pumpkin breaking into Zellie's food, even though we gave him an extra big breakfast...


I got a new game! We'll both play it, but I think I like it more. We both love regular Blokus and have wanted to try Blokus Trigon since we saw it being played at a Mensa games party.

It's called Blokus, not Enable-us.

And Pumpkin got a self-help book, even though cats don't need any help. He is such a tolerant kitty to let us put ribbons on him!

Pumpkin doesn't need any help.

It was a great first Christmas! And it's even starting to snow in Virginia. The weather prognosticators are consistently bi-polar on how much we get, ranging from "a dusting" to "snowmageddon part 2"! I'm hoping for somewhere in-between.

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