28 September 2008

New frontiers in cat-feeding

Zellie's feeding cage Zellie's feeding cage

It's time to revisit the idea of Pumpkin becoming smaller. Zellie, however, is less smitten with the idea of counter-top eating than she was in the house in Ferndale, so that is out the window. I came across the feeding cage idea on the Internet and it seems to be working so far. I got a small cage and made the opening a little smaller by using a piece of wood that is wired to the bars of the cage. Giselle can get inside and eat anytime she wants, but Pumpkin can't. I was surprised at how narrow I had to make the opening -- a hungry and determined Pumpkin can make himself rather small. At first I was worried that Giselle would eat all of Pumpkin's food, but I rarely see her eat from his dish anymore. Both critters seem happy with the arrangement.

1 comment:

_ said...

Awww, poor pumpkin, going on a kitty diet! Oh well, interesting idea with the feed cage, though :)

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