21 September 2008

National = Impressive?

Capitol Columns at National Arboretum
Today I met up with some people and went to the National Arboretum. Like most attractions with the word "National" in front of them, this was very impressive. We didn't even see everything. Atop a small hill in the center of a field these columns are standing in a group. They used to hold up part of the US Capitol until they were replaced with marble in the 1800s; now they stand out here and look stately all day.

We also visited the herb garden and the bonsai exhibit.

OrangeMelange Bonzai
Oh yeah, and there was a big Koi pond so I had to trick them into nibbling my finger with their rubbery lips. :)


_ said...

Excellent framing on the columns picture!

Michigoose said...

Thanks! I took lots of shots of those. They weren't easy to capture. I loved the blue sky.

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