25 October 2008

Washington's Office and a Roadside Turtle

Washington's Office Washington's Office

When I still lived in the Detroit area and felt like going for a drive I would go to Toledo to see the art museum. I know DC has more art museums than you can shake a paintbrush at, but that's not the kind of drive I had in mind today. Since Toledo is really far away, I drove to Winchester. It might become my new Toledo.

I didn't see any art museums, but Winchester is a pretty old place on the European-American timeline. This building contains an office that George Washington used in 1755 while he planned and supervised the building of a fort there. The door was only about 5'2" tall. I know people were shorter then, but he himself was about 6'3". I would have taken some pictures inside, but they weren't allowed. :(

The office originally stood all by itself, but as with most historical buildings it had numerous other uses through the years. Two more rooms and wood plank floors were added on and a family of 10 once lived here, and it was used as a small hospital during the Civil War. After that, it was a seamstress's house and office.

Roadside Turtle = Beetle ?

I drove part of the way back with the top down, even though it had been a rainy day and it is October 25. I like not having to worry about sunburn. I encountered this little guy sitting next to the highway, pointed toward the woods. He slowly drew back into his shell as I approached (although I'm sure it was very fast for him!) and I waited for a few minutes to see if he might come back out, but no luck. What a pretty shell though! I feel better knowing that it looked like the dangerous part of his journey was over. While I was waiting I also noticed that VW could just as easily have had a different name for this new version of their iconic car. If I had the hardtop version, I'd be tempted to get a custom paint job.

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