20 January 2009

One in a Million

I honestly don't remember right now at which station I got off the train; I just remember the conductor saying that the stop was "a very good stop to get off the train and go to the Mall." So I did, and it was.

Streaming to the Mall
Don't photograph me or I'll do it to you!

One advantage of being alone is that it was easier to squeeze myself through crowds to find a place that I liked and I had about two hours to do it. I wished I had on better tree-climbing clothes, because that would have been a great view but chilly! At one point I made it as close to the Capitol as I could get without a ticket, but I was too far off to one side and I couldn't see any of the big screens. So I wandered toward the middle and toward the Washington Monument and that's where I spent the last hour or so and where I watched the actual swearing-in.

On my way there, I made a few new friends... apparently this Park Police horse wanted to know if I has a flavor. :-) And yes, I put my hat right back on after this was taken because it was flippin' cold!

Me with new friends

People were obviously trying hard to stay warm and comfortable. I saw quite a few "people piles" . . .

Resting the back and keeping warm

. . . and an Audi ad. Even when I'm not at work, it still follows me around.

Audi ad

Still more to follow. Please stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along; it looks like we missed a truly amazing event.

_ said...

It's pretty cool that you made the effort to do that. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! How exciting that you were there!

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