20 January 2009

Yes We Can . . .

. . . make a half-hour train ride take two hours. I ran down the broken-escalator-now-stairs when I got to the station, and found a spot on the last car of the train. The last car is usually the one with the fewest people, and even though I couldn't sit down, this one had more standing room until we got to the second stop. About 20 more people got on my car, and from that point on no one else could get on the train until people started getting off -- about two hours and 10 stations later.

Despite not being able to let on more passengers, the trip took two hours because the trains were backed up from letting people off downtown. We kept hearing changing announcements about which stations were still open, because some stations are always closed during big events and others closed sporadically if they got too crowded.

Crowded Metro train
Crowded Metro train

More to come!

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