08 March 2009

Lazy Sunday morning hike

Elvis Rock Overlook
One of my co-workers and I headed out to Bull Run Mountain to enjoy the awesome weather, and this amazing view. "Lazy" is somewhat sarcastic, because while this isn't a very difficult hike this is not a view that one can drive to either -- so it's about a half-hour of good uphill walking. It's good to be reminded in the spring of just how out of shape I have become. I could spend hours up here pondering such matters as which house in the valley I would most like, or what species of ungulate is grazing in the distance.

Evidence of recent human activity (still-smoking ashes, empty beer cans). We had to admit that they have not only great taste in a spot to come and have a beer and a bonfire, but also plenty of ambition to accomplish it.

Skull Skull
We weren't sure what kind of skull this is, but I'm glad we didn't meet it while it was still attached to a living owner. The mandible had been separated from the rest of it. Look at those fearsome sharp teeth, and they were in a double row! What a great reward for being some of the earliest people to hit the trails this spring.

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_ said...

Great pics. I guess it's the start of the season when you make me jealous about all the great hiking and places you get to visit :)

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