02 March 2009

A visit from winter

I almost said that winter came back, but I'm not sure we ever had it. Of course this much snow is a Really Big Deal. The Federal Government is on a two-hour delay, and most of the schools are closed.


Anonymous said...

This is when you need to round up your coworkers and take them out to the parking lot.

"Okay everyone ... you're now going to learn how to drive in this!"

-- BGH (blogger.com seems broken and I had to by anonymous)

Michigoose said...

Hehe, good idea but most of my co-workers are fellow Michiganders/geese and they were all fine with this weather. But you're right, we should use this opportunity to offer winter driving lessons to our new friends in Virginia.

I saw a little BMW convertible that was struggling horribly this morning, and then I saw a corporate-plated Q7 just go right around him. I thought, "Now really, that was just a great teaching opportunity there!" I'm not sure, but there might have been a little inter-brand animosity there. ;-)

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