23 April 2010

The cat's pajamas

Pumpkin had a big day at the vet this week. He badly needed his teeth cleaned, and he had a cyst on his side that was probably harmless but getting bigger. So while he was zonked out after his dental work, the vet removed the cyst and left five stitches behind.

When I picked him up that evening, they told me that he had managed to chew or scratch out his first set of stitches and had to be resutured. He would need to wear a cone or a shirt, preferably both. When we got home the cone seemed to be making him panic, so I quickly made a shirt for him out of an old green t-shirt of mine. As soon as he was feeling better, he just as quickly squirmed out of it.

Shirt number two turned out a lot better! I made the neck narrower so it would be harder for him to get his arms through the neck. And it looks much better on him. I also reinforced the armholes since his escape strategy is to lick and bite the armholes until they are stretched enough that he can somehow get his arms out and slither out of the whole thing.

With all of the weight he has lost, the shirt makes him look very svelte!

Cat Shirt Number One
The cat shirt
The shirt model

Poor little guy -- the vet also found that he has bone spurs on his elbows. That means that he has arthritis. It doesn't seem to be slowing him down at all!


Kimberly said...

Cheril Lin--how did you shrink your kitty? He looks so thin!!

Michigoose said...

If you ask Pumpkin, he would say I shrunk him by slowly starving him nearly to death over the course of about 18 months.

In reality, his weight-loss story is like that of many humans -- smaller portions, more exercise, and no more junk food.

And he was kept from his sister's food by a cage that he couldn't squeeze into, but she (being svelte) could.

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