04 April 2010

One-Track Kitty Brain

Pumpkin is such a persistent little beast. He's quite smart too. After I caught him trying to break into the food bin, I put it in a low cupboard in the kitchen where I keep the canned cat food. Later that day I found him inside the cupboard sitting on top of the food bin. There wasn't enough room inside for him to maneuver, but at least he was close to what he loves more than anything else ... food.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

LOL ~ such a fun post! Poor Pumpkin ~ just wants to get into that food dish!

I had an expensive 'timed' feeder to help my cat Banjo lose weight. He was always lifting it with his teeth and knocking it around trying to get into it. He knocked it around so much that it broke one day! Bad kitty! Ha!

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