27 February 2011

Gratuitous Cat Post

It's time ... as "totes adorbs" as the kitties always are, it's always good to put more cat photos on the internet. Cat photos, as we all know, are what the internet is made of.

I took this picture of Mr. Pumpkin napping in the sun while I was home resting after a bad day at the doctor. Someday I want my own sunning basket, complete with handles to facilitate my being moved to a better spot without even having to ask.

Shortly after Rob and I moved into our new apartment last summer, Miss Giselle terrified and amazed us by jumping 13 feet from the loft railing down to the living room floor below. Rob says she bounced, but I didn't see her hit the floor. She shook her head, shot us a "What??" look, and sauntered off. Realizing that 1) she has concluded that stairs are for clumsy bipeds and 2) as a cat, she is going to do what she is going to do, we decided to install wall ramps so that she can climb up and down from the loft in a species-appropriate manner. (Landlord be damned!)

Now that she's mastered climbing up and down, she likes to pace on the railing and sometimes she'll just sit on the railing and watch us. I call her my tree-trunk kitty, but she's not very well camouflaged in this explosion of apartment-white. She doesn't seem to mind.
Zellie on a railing


mrs_sweetpeach said...

I love your kitties, and the photo of Mr. Pumpkin is especially wonderful.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Way cool cat ramps! You mean everyone doesn't have catcentric home decor??? ;-)

Reminds me of the ramps the Opster (Dad's honorary title once he became a grandfather, or Opa) made for our Pu in Germany. She, too, amazed and terrified him by leaping from the second floor balcony to the garden below when he first moved there.

And of course here at the Casa, Opster made the stair/catwalk combo for our general population.

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