13 February 2011

Yay, another day in DC!

Rob's family is in town to celebrate his Air Force retirement on Tuesday (more on that later). Today we visited some monuments and a museum -- not bad for one day, considering breakfast was at 10:30.

Sometimes the signs in museums are more interesting than the objects they describe, no? This one was in the American History museum.

Truer now than then!

While we were walking back to our car (such an inconvenient mode of transportation, since you have to put it somewhere once you get to where you're going) we saw this guy and his sweet ride. He even has a trunk!

Sweet Ride!

This is the side of the Reflecting Pool they don't want you to see, or rather the bottom. They are refurbishing it, making it all fancy-schmancy. The signs didn't say when it would be done. The bummer was that the Reflecting Pool also pours water into the World War II Memorial, so that was also dry when we went to visit. It's much different being here on a warm-ish winter day, rather than a summer day where the tourists are as thick as flies.

Where did it go?

Whenever we go into the city, I always tell myself that we need to come here more often. When we see the monuments in different seasons and at different times of day, they always look different! This is the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

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