30 August 2009

An eye patch, a skink, and Ira Glass go to the Ren Fair.

This weekend we (Kris, Kevin, Rob, and I) went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. A lot of it was the same as last year, but this booth was so cool I had to try on an eye patch. In addition to all of the cool things in the background, he also sold barettes with eyes. I'd love to have eyes in the back of my head, especially at work.


While we were walking around, I finally got a chance to photograph one of the lizards who live here. This one is a five-lined skink, also called a blue-tailed skink. Only the juveniles have blue tails though -- the stripes eventually fade and the males develop red heads. In't she cuuuute? They are supposed to be present in lower Michigan as well, but I never saw any.

Five-Lined Skink

I also saw IRA GLASS, the host of This American Life!!! He was right in front of us when we were in line for tickets. He's from Baltimore originally. I controlled myself and didn't ask him for a picture, especially since I already have one from when I saw him in Ann Arbor.

Ira Glass
Ira Glass and me, February 2008


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't think my trip to the Michigan Ren Fair will be nearly as cool. I'm looking forward to it anyway -- I need my scotch egg fix, if nothing else.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hope you had fun! I'll be there the weekend after next. I usually wait until the weather is cool since I'm wearing wool... started garbing when my niece and nephew were teens and just didn't stop - kinda gets me in the mood, these days. Have a nice viking shift & apron from Wolfstone Kilt Company and boots from Catskill Mountian Moccasins. Suits an old, generously proportioned (don'tcha love the euphamisim!) matron!

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