18 August 2009

Seema's Engagement

Last weekend I went back to Michigan one more time for Seema's engagement party. It was a tiring drive but I was really glad I went. I haven't seen Seema in months and the party was fabulous. I wore the Indian suit that Seema got me but I had my pants on backwards. That got a laugh out of a few people, but they got me straightened out.
Seema's Nani
Seema's Nani feeds Saurabh's family as part of the engagement ceremony.
Seema and Saurabh
Seema and Saurabh -- I think the ceremony was almost over.
Seema and me
Seema and me, after the party had started breaking up.
Now I don't have any plans to go back to Michigan again until Thanksgiving, but that trip will be a doozy! I'd love to go back and walk the bridge for Labor Day ... sigh.


Anonymous said...

[a] You both look stunning.

[b] I'm thinking about tossing an extra tent in the car, just in case.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Yes, you do both look lovely!

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