14 January 2010

Mmmm, pizza.

Rob and I made a pizza from scratch, including sauce and crust. I can't take any credit for the pineapple, tomatoes, and onions on top of it though. Or the cheese -- sorry Ms. Cow.


I hope the shape does not offend any pizza purists out there, but I didn't have any round pans. Rob made the sauce from fresh tomatoes the night before, and I made the crust from scratch. The crust is a yeast-leavened crust and not the biscuit-type crust that most crust mixes produce. Yeast crusts are so worth it, and they don't have to take that long to rise!


Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful. (And tastes even better, no doubt.)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man does that ever look good. You have made me very hungry.

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