17 January 2010

Nanny Goat Trail

After being cooped up indoors for what felt like weeks, I finally got out for an afternoon this weekend to hike section B of the Billy Goat Trail. I wanted to do something more strenuous but we got kind of a late start, it still gets dark kind of early, and I wanted to have time to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery along the way.

We haven't had much snow or other precipitation to speak of since the Big Snow, but there was a lot of ice left behind. We saw a lot of ice ledges was still frozen onto rocks where the water level used to be a couple of weeks ago, but it has been dry and now the water level has fallen. Didn't see many 4-legged critters other than dogs, but we heard lots of chickadees and woodpeckers. Today was the first warm afternoon in a while and the air smelled like spring.

Rocky pointy thing
Crushed Ice
Dried Flowers
Ice Drips

Even though the rocky parts remind me of the U.P., this place still looks like an alien landscape to me sometimes. I walk along the trail and can't stop saying "Wow..."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos; you're right about it looking other-worldy.

Margaret B. said...

Very nice -- I especially like the first one.

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