18 January 2010

Vic Firth makes what?!

I am on the road in Indiana today, and I found this rolling pin in a cooking store. Percussionists will recognize the Vic Firth name from the ubiquitous sticks and mallets. I guess it's good to diversify, and his company has mastered making smooth and sturdy round wooden objects. I wonder if he has considered making baseball bats.


Look at that! He makes pepper mills too. http://www.vicfirthgourmet.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bad me for not mentioning Vic Firth's other products to you before! I've got one of his "Pump and Grind" pepper mills that's great when eating hardboiled eggs.

I've been told, by a percussionist who visited the Vic Firth plant a few years ago, that about 3/4 of the plant is given over to manufacturing kitchen products. Strange, but true!

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