19 December 2009


Apparently while I was at work yesterday, my friends and neighbors were busy devouring the produce department at the Giant next to my apartment. Where are the bananas? The tomatoes? What surprised me was what was not taken -- the onions were cleaned out, but the broccoli was still looking well-stocked. Asparagus was about half gone. Water? Check. Chips? Try again tomorrow.

Where are the bananas?
Tomatoes were here.

But it's pretty!

a snow-covered globe snow beetle

After I walked to the store, I spent some time in the parking lot helping a couple of people get unstuck armed with my mighty snow shovel and my winter driving skills. I had to try to explain to a guy who spoke little English how to rock himself out of the crater he was in by switching from forward to reverse. One poor guy (the same one who warms up his car if it drops below 40) said he had never seen so much snow in his life. He had summer tires on his Mitsubishi Eclipse and I feel like maybe I should have left him stuck -- it would be safer for him. But my motive was a bit selfish; I wanted his parking spot for Rob if he can make it here.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you when listening to reports of the weather out east. Hooray for pretty snow!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Unreal!! I read your comment and laughed... back in the day it was TP, milk and kitty litter (for traction), not fresh veggies, that flew off of the shelves.

Tonight I went to the store... hadn't been there since last Wednesday.

Not one single stalk of celery to be found! Shelves denuded. I know people though I was crazy standing in the middle of the empty department, laughing aloud.

Great pics! Thanks for the laugh of the week!

Anonymous said...

No need to warm the car-


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