20 December 2009

Dig dig dig...

Das Beetle normally endures inclement weather from the relative comfort of her covered carport. Since I was holding out deluded hope that Kris and Kevin would still come down to visit (they are fellow 'ganders after all), I parked her out in the scary open so that they could have my carport spot if they managed to arrive. I doubt she has ever had this much snow on her slick black roof.

One of the endearing qualities of the New Beetle is that it can be hard to tell which end is which. Snow makes this even more apparent.

Snow Bug

The snow was much higher than the bottom of Das Btl's doors!

Snow Bug

Rob and I cleared out two spots for our cars because I was still hoping that Kris and Kevin could get out on Sunday, but their streets still had not been plowed. I think our cars make a nice pair.

Shoveled Out VWs

The tomatoes and bananas were restocked by Sunday though! Armageddon averted, for now. No promises for the next storm though.

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

LOL! No protective carport here. I brushed the buggy off mid storm but on Sunday took a break. By the time I went out in the afternoon to clear her off, the snow slid half way off on one side, kind of making her look like a drunken party goer head on!!

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