07 December 2009

Happy Michiganders!

We waited for days, hoping that the weather forecasters were right. And they were! About 5 inches of heavy wet snow fell on northern Virginia last weekend, and I got out to Great Falls National Park to enjoy it with Rob and Chris.

The falls are angry.
Me, with snow!

Note to Chris's mom: this is totally safe and your son was never in any danger of tumbling into the icy river full of jagged rocks.

Chris on a perch

This was not -- not -- the only kayaker we saw on Saturday. They appeared to be having fun, but they may have just been delirious with cold.

Hey look, a crazy person!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Wow ~ I am thinking that kayaker is very adventurous ~ that looks very cold! Glad you are happy about the snow ~ I am tired of it already! :)

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