29 December 2009

It's the little things.

Little did I know that when a package arrived from my sister Susan on Christmas Eve, the wrappings would be the most sought-after spots for cat lounging. Silly me, I should have known.

Here's Zellie with the outer box. She immediately turned it on its side and made it into a cave.

Zellie's Gift

And here's Pumpkin with the paper wrapping that the box inside was wrapped in. Other than the ribbons, it was the only Christmas item that aroused his interest.

Pumpkin's Gift

Kitties say "Thanks for the presents Susan!" More pictures to follow of the cute and clever gift that was inside.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Heehee! Yes, boxes are the best! Got a single book in from Amazon. In a single book size box, mind you. How many cats had to jam their posteriors into something clearly to small for them? 5 of the 7! Yet every time I'd show up with the flashy box, they'd vacate. They live to torture me.

Can't wait to see the presents!

Catherine said...

It makes you wonder why we bother buying our kitties presents. Boxes and wrapping paper ~ that's all they need! Cute picture.

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