10 May 2010

Congratulations Seema!

My friend Seema got married this weekend, and I was lucky enough to be there. In the first picture, the priest is explaining to everyone the meaning of their first seven steps together as husband and wife. In the second picture, Seema and Saurabh are happily greeting their friends and family after the ceremony.

I've known Seema for about 4 years now, and two years ago neither one of us would have thought that we would be getting married three months apart from each other! She's been a constant source of encouragement and support for me. She's finally found the person to spend the rest of her life with, and I couldn't be happier for her.

And after three days of partying, she's really earned that honeymoon. :-)

First Steps together
Seema and Saurabh, after the ceremony

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Anonymous said...

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