07 May 2010

Would you like a pop with that?

This morning I introduced Rob to that most Detroit-ish of eateries, the coney island. Coney islands do serve chili dogs, but to Detroiters they are also places where just about everyone can find something on the menu -- and it's not too expensive.

We were there for breakfast (which you can get anytime) when I looked up and saw this sign. I have managed to teach myself to say "soda" now that I live in Virginia but I'm glad this little microcosm of language remains unchanged.

... and a large pop too?


Unknown said...

While living in Connecticut, I steadfastly refused to say "soda", only saying pop. Now that we moved to Ohio, my Connecticut born 17 year old refuses to say "pop" only "soda."

Now, the most interesting thing I find about this is the spealling of "gyro" which is actually pronounced with a very glottal "hughth" sound has been Anglicized to "yero."

Unknown said...

I have never seen it referred to as a yero with a "y". That's hilarious!

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