31 May 2010

Zellie, stop letting in the heat!

I have four full days left in this apartment. My dining room table has been sold on Craigslist, and other furniture needs to find a new home before the move. While I'll miss being able to safely walk to the shopping center next door -- a real rarity in modern car-centered suburbia -- I will not miss the rickety wooden stairs or my noisy upstairs neighbors.

Rob and I are moving into an apartment next weekend that will be new for both of us. It will also be a new neighborhood. And we've both been living alone for a long time -- me for almost ten years and him for at least that long. Let the change begin!

my dining room used to be here

... and, the DC weather has turned on its sauna just in time for packing. Today's high in northern Virginia was in the lower 90s! As always, Giselle does her best to thwart my attempts to keep my apartment below 80 degrees.

Zellie, you're letting in the heat!

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

I guess a sunbeam is more important than cool! LOL! It was a stinker today, wasn't it?? The casa doesn't have central air and I worried about the kittens, shut in my bedroom all day. Thank heaven the overhead fan kept things tolerable for them.

How cool that you and Rob are starting your life together in new digs so it's really your home, together! Don't envy you the move, though. I'm swearing my next will be my last! ;-)

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