01 January 2011

New Year's Day walk

The high temperature in our neck of the woods was in the mid-50s today, and Rob and I were jonesing to get outside. We always enjoy a good amble on either side of the Potomac so we headed to Great Falls National Park.

We came across the ruins of Matildaville on our walk. Matildaville is a ghost town of sorts that is now within the confines of the national park. It was founded by the father of Robert E. Lee, and he named it after his recently deceased wife Matilda.

When I first moved here almost three years ago, I was giddy at the amount of history that one can run into here without even trying. Now I'm becoming a jaded Washingtonian; George Washington this, Robert E. Lee that, President So-And-So the other thing ... who can keep it all straight?

Matildaville Ruins
Matildaville Ruins
That's not a chimney that Rob is standing next to. That's a wall! Those were built like they meant it.

We didn't walk past the falls today since we were in a mood for a brisk walk. Below the falls the Potomac was smooth and glassy, reflecting the grey-green rocks on the Maryland side.

I love coming out here when the leaves are off the trees because we can take the "high road" and still have great views of the river without the crowds!

Potomac in January
Potomac in January

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