06 July 2011

Two years and counting

Two years and two days ago, Rob and I both reluctantly (and separately) decided to go to a July 4th singles party sponsored by a couple of local singles groups. There were about 40 people there. I had already bought my ticket but didn't want to go. I told myself that I had to at least go, and I could always leave if it wasn't any fun. Rob went to the party but tells me he was talking to another woman on the phone while he was there. Sigh.

Out first meal together (I'm in the purple t-shirt and Rob's shirt matches the table). I think we were talking about where we were from, and how much we liked the Midwest.
Rob is armed with a water balloon and he looks like he's about to use it. 
After the picnic we went to watch fireworks. He has his left arm around another woman who was following him around all night. She even invited him to sit on her blanket to watch the fireworks. Ugh! I guess we all know how that story ended...
We went to the bar after fireworks, and shared our first nachos and beer.  I remember him showing me all of the photos he had on his iPhone.
Two years later, here we are! I have a much better haircut now. Rob looks pretty much the same. :-) To celebrate, we went out for a delectable lunch at Il Fornaio in Reston, which had a surprisingly good variety of vegetarian options. We are both very lucky to have found each other.

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